16 June 2005

The Thorton Affair

What is it with DC teams encountering plays of dubious behavior recently? Been trying to reconcile my thoughts on L'Affair Thorton, but ultimately it comes down to one thing. Thorton decked Moreno after Jamie converted the PK and went to grab the ball. There are various Thorton defenders that say that Thorton could have thought the ball went off the post, and that the play was still on. I've thought about it, and pretty much decided that Thorton's play can not be excused as part of the normal course of action. I think we're all in agreement on this. He should have been shown the red card. But he wasn't.

So for me, now, that's where it ends. It was a missed call, it was classless. We can remember it when the Fire are next in town. But I don't feel the need to call for a suspension. That helps some other team, not DCU. The proper penalty was a red card, right then. It didn't happen. Life goes on.


At 17 June, 2005 09:26, Anonymous Joe said...

I completely missed it, I was still celebrating the PK goal. Is there a replay anywhere online?

At 17 June, 2005 09:36, Blogger D said...

I don't know if there was a replay. It's briefly referenced in the MLS recap. And I heard it on the radio, and read some other accounts of the event from Big Soccer (admittedly, not the most unbiased resource, but it was enough to fill in the blanks)

At 17 June, 2005 14:18, Anonymous Joe said...

Ah, indeed there is a replay. Watch the replay of Moreno's PK at http://dcunited.mlsnet.com/MLS/sights/index.jsp?club=dcu. You also get a reply of Thornton's fairly vicious tackle. It's vicious enough -- going for the back of Moreno's knees, it appears -- that it would have been cardable even if the ball actually had bounced off the post. Just my opinion.

At 17 June, 2005 15:07, Blogger D said...

Yeah, that's pretty awful. But he got nothing for it. Shame. A suspension would be nice, but it doesn't help DCU. I just hope he forfeits any benefit of doubt the next time he visits RFK.

At 17 June, 2005 16:36, Anonymous Joe said...

Yeah, I don't think a suspension is warranted anyway. He probably honestly didn't realize that the goal had gone into the net... it bounced back out pretty quickly, and he was diving the wrong way at the time (ha ha!). But the tackle itself should have gotten a card. Oh well. I'll remember.


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