16 June 2005

DCU v. Chelsea, at FedEx

Pretty much everyone else in the blogosphere beats me to the confirmation that Chelsea will play DCU at FedEx. The formal announcement is here. Let me refine some of my earlier thoughts on this matter: a loss is acceptable, a massacre is not. I am somewhat afraid of a massacre, but perhaps I am overworried. And DCU does have a good track record against sides from the colonial occupiers.

[Update 1:43PM] Chelsea's official press release here. Only superficially different from the AEG release that DCU has posted.

[Edited 12:28PM for stupid brain freeze]


At 16 June, 2005 13:44, Anonymous Nick said...

I doubt you'll see Chelsea massacre DC United - but I suppose it depends on the team Jose Mourinho puts out. He fielded strong teams during last year's Champions World Series so I expect him to do so again this summer.

Chelsea's players are unlikely to be match fit or as sharp as they would be in say October, so maybe a 'comfortable' win rather than a massacre. ;-)

At 16 June, 2005 13:48, Blogger D said...

Ah Nick, you know how to assuage a Yank's fears...

Your points are well taken though. And at work in my thoughts was probably a little of the natural inferiority complex that occurs when MLS fans consider anything to do with the Premiership (or Serie A, or other top European leagues). I much calmer now. The medication is working.


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