29 December 2005

Loose Ends (Really, I'm Not Posting)

A few loose ends to tie up. First, the story on the 41 year old Nigerian striker that was mentioned in The DCenters from a few weeks back seems to have been a rumor. In other words, totally false. That might explain why their agents never responded to emails from TheDCenters.

Second, reader Carey Gaughan sent me a link to an Eleanor Norton press release indicating that the crazty attempt to hijack Poplar Point is out of the Budget Reconciliation bill. See bolded section. Also interesting is that it sounds like the land swap vote will come up in early '06, but we'll see. Thanks Carey.
Third, regarding the Houston stuff, it sounds like MLS has locked down many of the proposed names, and that 22 December was when it happened. Now, I didn't check every name, so if someone wants to compile a complete list of which of the proposed names are actually available, more power to you. I would do it, but I'm not posting during this holiday week. Just so you aren't duplicating, here's what I got:
MLS Has: houston1836, houstongatos, fchouston
MLS Does Not Have: houstonstars, houstonapollos.