06 January 2006

Dream a Little Dream

Redesign: Well, the redecorating over here is getting mixed reviews so far, at least a few mourning the loss of the old black background. I hear ya guys, I thought the old black was much cooler. It was dangerous, daring, mysterious... sadly, it was also hard to read long articles with. I'll think about ways of balancing those two concepts.

Adu in Camp: In DC United news, the world carried headlines of "Adu realizes dream, practices with US National Team" Not to be pedantic, but I have a feeling his dream is getting capped, not just practicing. I mean, if the right episode of Made were to come along, I might end up practicing with the US Squad. (Sample dialog from Bruce to me: "D, you need to imitate more than my waistline if you want to be a great soccer coach.") I wouldn't be surprised to see him get capped now for a Winter Friendly, but as pretty much all media sources note, he's a long shot for the World Cup Squad. While Joe points out that Adu's versaitility could be appealing to Bruce, I would counter that while Adu can play multiple positions, we aren't yet sure that he can play multiple positions very well. It seems like he has a natural position, and a few other places you can put him on the pitch if you need him out there. Like Joe, I want Freddy to succeed, but as conceded in the article to which I have linked, he'll need to take a huge step forward to do it.

Rimando worried about Cross (Red): DC United will be assisting the Red Cross in conducting blood drives. A press conference is planned for the 11th of the month.