09 January 2006

Miss A. Lennie, to the white courtesy phone please, Miss A. Lennie

I Call It BlankBall: Okay, so, there's not much I can dig up in DCU land at the moment. Fair enough. And that explains the previous post, as the city's attention is pretty much fixated on the upcoming pointy-ball encounter in Seattle. I was happy to see the Redskins go through, ditto with my Steelers.

Administration: Response to the redesign is still (about evenly?) split. There are two main complaints: 1 - White text on black background was awesome. 2 - Too much Red.

The first I'm not going to change back to for the moment, but I may start experimenting with turning down the reds into more of a maroon everywhere but the header graphic. We'll see how it works out.

Links: I'll be updating the blogroll throughout the week, but courtesy of Du Nord's "blogroll of blog title length", I see that there is now a Metros team specific blog at The Metrologist. Now, I am more than happy about this, as it provides another outlet to make pointless internet wagers. If The Metrologist is up for it.

Also, my thanks to the various non-soccer bloggers that take time out of their day to read The DCenters. I've got a new category in the blogroll for you. I do appreciate it.