10 January 2006


Jason Garey (er, make that Hermann Award Winning Jason Garey), in an interview with the University of Maryland's Diamondback, is thinking about DC United. Unfortunately, we have no idea what precisely he is thinking:

Garey mentioned the possibility of staying in the area and playing for D.C. United, which owns the seventh overall pick.

My guess is that the idea was floated by the interviewer, he said it might be nice, but there's no real information that DCU intends to draft him, either with the 7th pick or by trading up to get him. A pure striker would be nice, but we have pressing needs on the back line and on the wing. Conspiracy theorists are allowed to postulate a Kovalenko for improved draft position ideas. However, the DCenters is again reminded that the more we speculate in specific about player transactions, the more likely we are to be wrong.

Not Related to Anything... I really hate that the word used for signing a new contract extension is resign. I wish it was hyphenated or something, just so I wouldn't confuse it with the word which means exactly the opposite.


At 10 January, 2006 14:12, Blogger Matt W said...

How about "reup"? As in, "Joe was heading back to civilian life, but decided to reup when the job at SAIC fell through."

At 10 January, 2006 14:26, Blogger D said...

Matt W, you have made the case forcefully. I like it. It also sounds like big ups, as if someone was a drum and bass artist. It shall be so.

At 10 January, 2006 16:23, Anonymous Joe said...

Re-sign, as in to "sign again," should in fact be hyphenated, according to AP style.

As for the pure striker: Esky is (unfortunately) still an unknown quantity because of that concussion, Moreno must be close to retirement, Adu is actually an attacking mid, and Jamil Walker is a speedster but no finisher. It might not be a bad idea to draft the kid. But I agree that we have other priorities, particularly on the back line.


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