04 September 2006

Debriefing for Match 11.25: At CD Chivas USA


Media, Traditional and Otherwise

The Washington Times, Joseph D'Hippolito: "Gomez scored twice in the first half to give United a 2-1 victory over Chivas USA in front of 14,588 at Home Depot Center... Despite his goals, Gomez attributed United's victory to its improved defense."
The Washington Post, John Galinsky: "After a lethargic August created doubts about both [United and Gomez], Sunday's match with Chivas USA marked a heartening return to form."
Los Angeles Times, Grahame L. Jones: "The first goal was due more to Gomez's skill in striking the ball than to any error by Burpo. The second was another matter. Asked how he had allowed the shot to squirt beneath his low dive to the right, Burpo said tersely, 'Not today, man,' and strode out of the stadium, fielding no more questions."
LA Daily News, Matt Zimmerman: "A Chivas USA player marveled at the postgame statistics. 'We didn't have any shots on goal in the second half,' he kept repeating. Very true. The D.C. United defense successfully repelled every attack in the second half to protect a 2-1 lead until the final whistle at Home Depot Center."
MLSNet, Danny Bueno: "Stoppage time was marred by pushing and shoving on both teams, yellow cards being handed out to Jason Hernandez and Francisco Mendoza of Chivas, while Josh Gros of United and Juan Francisco Palencia of Chivas were ejected."
BlackDogRed: "But DCU got the three points, particularly crucial since Boswell and Eskandarian and Gros and Gomez have been yellowed and (Gros) redded out of next Saturday's game v RSL. Adu looked hurt, tentative and ineffective, and Donnet (pronounced Daw-NETT by the announcers) looked as lost on the field as you'd expect a newbie to look, so if Moreno's knee is significantly sore, who will run what offense next Saturday? That game suddenly looks more dangerous than I'd ever have imagined."

The Good

  1. Brace Yourselves, It's Gomez: Christian Gomez was just amazingly gritty throughout this match. You'll hear sportswriters talk about a great player taking a team on his back, and lifting them up. Christian did that in United's hour-and-thirty-minutes of need. Two goals, and perhaps the start of a spark for the final run.
  2. Five Good Minutes: In the past several games, DC has gotten off the block slowly. Last night they dominated the first five minutes of each half. In neither case were they really able to truly cement the tone they set, but it was a refreshing feel from the past.
  3. Troy Perkins, You Haven't Seen It All: Anon K asks why not Troy Perkins for MOTM? Well, he did well, but the honor still went to Gomez. That being said, Perkins had a solid game in net, and more importantly showed development in his skills on distribution. I sometimes forget that he's only a second year player, and therefore still adding things to his game. In the past, I've been down on his distribution, and when he started playing balls exclusively short I didn't mind (since it at least gave us a chance to maintain posession.) However, he had three well placed balls beyond the midfield stripe. If that continues, that's a hell of a bonus.

The Bad

  1. Next Week - Real Salt Lake at United Reserves: I know it's already been detailed before, but here are your suspensions for next week: Gomez, Eskandarian, Boswell, and Gros. Plus a Moreno that may not be 100%. And I agree with some of the commenters - Adu looked like he got banged up real quick which says his knee is not fully back. Facing the league's most prolific scorer next week in Jeff Cunningham... That's not fun.
  2. Composure: Everyone is going to be taking shots at DC players, and the MLS refs are not about to get a handle on most games. Which means we can't be picking up silly cautions or ejections for emotional fouls. Professional fouls, sure, but not brainless ones.

Man of the Match

Gomez, C. -- Just... stunning.

Final Thoughts

Well, a few players get a bit of a break after the US Open Cup game against Chicago on Saturday. Which means they better play their heart out. Things are still alive for us. At the beginning of the season, I thought 60 points would be enough to win the Supporter's Shield, but now I'm not so sure. I think it might take 62. That's four more wins. We have four more home games. But next week is not nearly a given. Rod Dyachenko, Jamil Walker, Freddy Adu, et al... you need to step up.


At 05 September, 2006 11:54, Anonymous David Lifton said...

Burpo was definitely at fault on the first goal. Watch the replay and you'll see he's a few feet off his line, expecting a cross to the far post. That's why he had to reach back to try to make the save.

At 05 September, 2006 12:42, Anonymous Matt said...

Credit gomez though for noticing Burpo's bad positioning.

Schoolboy mistake from Burpo...he should know better.

Second goal...great run by Gomez..but man...I could have saved that shot.

Nice to have a solid keeper in the DC nets..

At 05 September, 2006 13:36, Blogger D said...

Dave: You're certainly right, but both you and Matt credited Gomez for noticing that and making that play, as well we should.

Matt: Nice to have a solid keeper in the DC nets.. Amazing, isn't it? I was thinking the same thing a year ago, only I was thinking Nick Rimando. So not the same thing at all. How times have changed...

At 05 September, 2006 15:46, Anonymous Matt said...

Rimando made me real nervous last year.

Lagerway on the broadcast talked about how calm Perkins looks on crosses....totally opposite of Rimando last year.

Perkins looks great...it's amazing how fast he's improved.

Not sure I'd rather have any other MLS keeper...maybe Cannon. Perkins has made me a believer...


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