20 September 2006

So Much To Say

Yes, once again, I'm stuck in one of those "Let's have D work on his job for 14 hours a day" situations. Which sucks. If anyone knows of a nicely paying job for a DC United soccer blogger, please pass it on to me. In the mean-time, check out the great comments in response to the Fire game, which were excellent (and I always prefer it when people respectfully challenge the opinions of the people at this site. That's groovy. We dig that.)

In the meantime, the wonderful spouse of D passed on this to me. More proof that DC United = Class, even when its players aren't on the pitch.


At 20 September, 2006 13:23, Anonymous brian said...

Jeez, Eski is incredible. I hope he gets healthy and in form soon so he can lead us to #5. I want him to be in a United jersey until he retires.

At 20 September, 2006 14:29, Anonymous GUTuna said...

That's good stuff.

I love Esky. He's just got the right amount of swagger on the field while still being just a quality guy.

At 20 September, 2006 16:20, Anonymous Joe said...

The only thing I love more than Esky being nice to people is Esky scoring goals.

At 20 September, 2006 17:40, Anonymous Paul said...

When the article described Eski wearing a "helmet", I had this image of him running around in a football helmet. Maybe we could get him the pads and everything. Then he'd really have nothing to fear from what's-his-name-the-bald-Revolution-goalie.

At 21 September, 2006 08:50, Anonymous Joanna said...

What Brian and gutuna said! And soon, Joe, soon... I've got a good feeling.


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