05 September 2006

Your My Boy Blue! (And Other Random Thoughts)

William Yurasko went to the LA Galaxy game and wrote that he enjoyed his time "despite the poor showing of the home side." He also has one of the best observations lists of a soccer match I have ever seen. I am a rather latecomer to soccer myself, so remember going to professional soccer games and being fascinated by the little idiosyncrasies of soccer when compared to the rest of the American sports landscape. William's list is so cool because he doesn't shy away from these random thoughts.


At 05 September, 2006 03:45, Anonymous Pitin said...

Danm you people. I spend too much time reading political blogs (and work as an online outreach coordinator for a Congressional Campaign.) and now I have to go and stumble on another blog that will take all my time, ah well...

At 05 September, 2006 09:33, Blogger D said...

We aim to please. And to aid in procrastination.


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