03 January 2006


It is official, the off-season is starting to get to me. Super Mario Strikers is like a cheap nicotine gum for my MLS three-pack-a-day habit. It tides you over, but I still wake up with the shakes. (In case you are wondering: Either Mario with Birdo (I sometimes play with Luigi as well), currently 2nd in the Star Cup table, on Professional level).

Anyways, DC United has posted the New Year's resolutions of some players. This was not nearly as funny as the MLS Gift List posted at MLSNet, featuring Bobby Boswell's candid "I would buy Nick Rimando whatever he wants, because I owe him for the own goals this past season." If MLSNet is looking for a player to keep a running journal for them, they could do worse than Bobby. In the spirit of year in review stuff, I pass on John Haydon's recap of 2005 in the Washington Times. It has a lot of DCU related stuff, but the article reads like an odd mishmash of stuff. Finally, the Washington Post's in and out list identified the following:
"OUT: Freddy Adu ... IN: Ronaldinho"
Well, sure, from a style perspective, but from a DCU perspective I would have written it as follows:
"OUT: Christian Gomez ... IN: Freddy Adu (65') ... OUT: Freddy Adu (1 game suspension) IN: Jamil Walker"
In DCU alum news: Good week for Bobby Convey. Not so much for Ryan Nelsen.

As for me, I needed the time off, but I think I have my head back