23 September 2006

Preview of Match 11.29: Red Bull New York

Match #: 11.29

Opponent: Red Bull New York

DC United, 14-4-10, 52 pts, 1st in East Conference, 1st in MLS
New York Red Bulls, 7-10-11, 32 pts, 4th in East Conference, 11th in MLS

TV: CSN/MLStv/FSC - 7:30 pm

Previous Meeting: New York 0 : 0 DC United (DCenters Debriefing)

Suggested Pregame Music: United supporters will be listening to this. Red Bulls supporters came up with this.

Suggested Pregame Activity: Get to RFK early to celebrate the 1996 championship team.

The Stakes: United needs a win here to get back on track, consolidate 1st place in the East and help their chances at the Supporter's Shield. This is the easiest game that United has from here on out (even if it isn't that easy). The easiest path to a rebound of form is in this game, and without this game time starts running out to find that form.

Things I'd like to see: United take it to New York. This is a game that we should dictate the game, much like we did the first time we went up to Hoffa Park. That is how United has been sucessful this season, and this is the best opportunity they are going to have to do so again this season. They need to grab that opportunity (and the Red Bulls) by the horns.

Previews from the DCUniverse: DC Sundevil, Quarter Volley

Previews from the New Yorktown: Hmm.

Expected Yield: 1 point (Kinney)

Kinney's Location: RFK.

Oscar and D's Location: RFK (but that's just a guess).

Last Words: Bruce Arena on the Red Bulls organization: "I would not have come back in the league to any other team but this one. But this organization wants to make the sport better in this country. They want to give you the things necessary to be successful, and I've never heard that in this league."